Arcadia Bliss

FROM $8,499

  • Seats up to 4 adults
  • 32 Jets


Bliss Dimension

Comfortable seating for up to 4 adults

the bliss has room for four adults INCLUDING a hydrotherapy RECLINER. yet it is small enough to fit into TIGHT spaces. it's the perfect spa for couples and smaller families. 

Hydrotherapy recliner

Hydrotherapy recliner

This seat will soon become your 'best seat in the house'. With a mix of hydro and air jets massaging your body, it's easy to see why this is a favorite.

The tried and tested jets positions hit all the right spots, you just have to set the pressure and enjoy!.

2 hydrotherapy seats

We couldn't decide between our two most popular back massage seats, so we included one of each.

You can choose between a nice even massage that covers your whole back or a massage that focuses on one of the most common place for muscle tightness; the shoulders.

We recommend rotating between the two seats for the full experience.

1 rejuvenation seat

One of the best things about having a spa, is soaking in the hot water. If things are getting a bit too hot, then the rejuvenation seat allows you to sit slightly out of the water to cool off a bit.

Don't think you're losing out with this seat, we have positioned one of the powerful 127mm jets right near your feet. Ahh Bliss!!

Colour options

Shell colours

Ocean Wave


Pearl Shadow


Sterling Silver



Cabinet colours

Coastal Grey



Jet layout

The bliss has a total of 32 jets.
The 24 hydrotherapy and 8 air jets are powered by a SINGLE 1800w jet pump.

Jet layout
Bliss jets
  • 5 x 127mm Directional Jet
  • 13 x 88mm Directional Jet
  • 6 x 50mm Directional Jet
  • 8 x 40mm Air Jet

Jet types

Directional Jet 127mm

Gives an intense, pressure point massage. Very effective to relieve knotted, back muscles.

Directional Jet 88mm

Targeted pressure point massage. Very effective for prolonged treatment of tired and aching muscles.

Directional  Jet 50mm

Pressure point massage. Usually dedicated to one area of the spa to offer a Shiatsu style massage.

Air Jet 40mm

A relaxing soft tissue massage. As the name suggests, they vent air and are used under legs and buttocks.

Bliss key features

Stainless steel jets
Stainless steel jets 

Our stainless steel jets are ultra tough, low maintenance and they look stunning. We use the highest grade materials to ensure they will keep looking like new for years to come.

Perimeter cabinet lighting
perimeter and cabinet lighting

Perimeter Lighting
Perimeter lighting is a series of small lights that run along the water line. You can choose the colour to match your mood. As they are small, they are perfect for setting the tone. 

Cabinet Lighting
Our cabinet light casts a light towards the ground on the side of the spa. It's designed to shine up the steps or access point for use in the dark.

Corona ozone
corona discharge ozone water clarification

Our spa filters are very effective, but there are micro-sized contaminants that are small enough to get through any filter. 

Ozone clarification bonds these contaminants together, so they are big enough to be effectively filtered out. This reduces the need chemicals. The less chemicals, the lower your running costs are.

Dual layer insulation
UV purifier

Ozone UV filter combo that removes both bugs and organics meaning you use even less chemicals. 

UV sterilization kills 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacteria, including the hard to reach Giardia and Cryptosporidium viruses. For this reason, it is now mandatory on public swimming pools in many states in the US.

Additional Upgrades

you can upgrade your arcadia spa with a range of factory installed extras.
Choose the extras that suit you; for the perfect spa experience

colour matched steps

Our 2 tier colour matched steps are a must if your position your spa above ground or on a deck. The steps seamlessly blend in with your cabinet colour.

These steps are sturdy, strong and subtle. Make getting in and out of the spa easy with the Arcadia step upgrade.

Cover lifter
easy action cover lifter

The cover lifter is a clever little addition. You can lift the cover off with just one hand. 

In addition to making it easy to access your spa, the cover lifter keeps the cover from ever touching the ground, so it will last longer.

Wifi connectivity
wifi connectivity

With the SpaNet wifi upgrade, you can have full control of your spa from anywhere in the world!. How about getting it up to temperature in time for you to get home from work? 

The SpaNet wifi control works with any device (mobile, tablet or laptop) via an installed app.

Bluetooth stereo system
bluetooth stereo system

Spas and music go together like strawberries and cream.

Upgrade to the factory installed bluetooth stereo for easy music from your bluetooth device.

Hybrid heat pump
5.5kw hybrid heat pump

Heat pumps have long been know for their superior efficiency. For every 1kW of power consumed, our Hybrid heat pump produces the equivalent of 5kW heat. 

If you plan to be a frequent user of your spa, then adding a heat pump will increase your savings. 

Energy saving technologies

We understand that the cost of running a spa can
be expensive.
All of our spas have advanced energy saving technologies to keep the cost of running to a minimum.

*Technologies are standard unless specified otherwise.

Dynamic thermal tuning
dynamic thermal tuning

Dynamic Thermal Tuning takes in all the environmental information such as the ambient temperature, along with how the spa gets used. It then 'learns' from this and controls the heating reactively.

By maintaining the pools temperature with smaller fluctuations, it can save up to 20% on your heating costs.

Perimeter reflection insulation
perimeter reflection insulation

Traditionally spas were insulated in the inner shell that holds the water. Arcadia insulate along the perimeter of the cabinet to keep all the water in the pipes protected from the elements. 

In addition to preventing heat loss from the pipes, the heat produced by the pumps and 'working' parts is contained and transferred to the water. For the ultimate insulation, upgrade to the dual layer insulation.

hybrid heat pump
5.5kw hybrid heat pump (upgrade)

Attaching the external heat pump is the most economical way to heat your spa pool. 

This proven technique can produce up to the equivalent of 5kW of heat for just 1kW of electricity. This is highly recommended for people who use their spa regularly.

Marine grade thermal cover
marine grade thermal cover

Most of the heat loss in a spa pool is from the top. As the cover is the only protection to keep heat in the water when not in use, we have developed a cover that really keeps the heat in.

We start with a high-density foam, then its thermally wrapped, waterproofed, and finaly finished in UV protected marine grade vinyl to ensure it gives you years of service.

Comprehensive Arcadia Warranty

We believe that Arcadia Spas are the best spas on the market.
So when you decide to purchase we want to share our confidence with you. That’s why every single element of your new spa is covered by our warranty.
Buy an Arcadia Bliss Spa and buy with total confidence.
2 years warranty
2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

Arcadia Spa warranty the spa pump and electronic control system against any defects for 2 years.

5 years warranty
5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

For 5 years the Arcadia Spa Warranty covers leaking plumbing. All heaters and jets are also warranted against defects for 5 years.

10 years warranty
10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

All Arcadia Spas guarantee the integrity and structure of the shell for up to 10 years. This means we will replace any shells that crack up to a decade after purchase. And, unlike most other shell warranties, we give full replacement at anytime during the 10 years.

Quality built to last

Arcadia spas are DESIGNED in AUSTRALIA.  

FROM THE BASE TO THE SHELL, our materials and build PROCESSES are second to none.


American made aristech acrylic
american made aristech acrylic

We use American made Aristech Acrylic because it's, quite simply, the best.  

The acrylic the durable and beautiful final layer of a comprehensive 8 step construction process involving
 curing within a temperature and humidity controlled oven.

4 layer shell
thermabond 4 layer shell

Arcadia shells are built to last for years. We can offer a 10 year guarantee because we build our shells using a proven 4 layer construction along with premium materials.

The core rigidity of the shell comes from a polyceramic reinforced resin. Next comes marine grade polyester to add torsional strength. Below the final layer of Aristech acrylic is a layer of pure vinyl ester resin for adhesion and waterproofing. The combined strength of these four layers gives the best shell quality on the market.

Maintenance free cabinet
maintenance free cabinet

You may not guess this, but our cabinets are made from 100% recycled plastics and timber byproducts. It's an Earth friendly ,UV resistant polymer, called Thermoclad.

Thermoclad is extremely durable, it's production has minimal impact on the environment and as a synthetic material it is impervious to mould and mildew (unlike timber). It looks good, it's maintenance free and has high insulation properties.

Moulded ABS fibreglass base
moulded abs fibreglass base

Your spa will sit on one place for years to come. It needs a decent base to protect it. That's why we use high impact, fiberglass reinforced, ABS; the same stuff car bumpers are made from.   

The base is shaped like a tent floor; each side has an 75mm up-turn. This helps protect the frame from standing water and those pesky rodents!

Fully equipped

Here at ARCADIA spas, we love features. below is a selection of features you can enjoy with your spa.

Spanet controller
easy spanet controller

SpaNet is at the heart of Arcadia spas.  We have chosen them for two reasons; simplicity and reliability.

SpaNet is an Australian company who know how to make decent spa equipment. The SV model we use on our spas is intuitive reliable and cost effective.

Multi-coloured underwater light
multi-coloured underwater light

What better way to set the mood than to have gentle multi-coloured lighting shining through the crystal clear water?

The Arcadia underwater lighting has 5 programmable options, so you can set the mood for any occasion.

Cabinet Lighting
cabinet lighting

The cabinet lighting is one of the simplest, yet most useful upgrades. Getting in and out of your spa in the dark is a piece of cake with a fully lit entrance way.

The factory fitted light sits subtly on the side of the cabinet and is operated by the controller. Integrated, simple, and safe.

Perimeter lighting
perimeter lighting

Small LED lights set in to the cabinet around the waterline make up the perimeter lighting pack.

The lights are powerful enough to gently light up the spa without being to harsh. 

When they are working together with the underwater lighting, the result is pure elysian!

Corona Ozone
corona discharge ozone water clarifier

If you want to minimize the use of chemicals and keep the running cost of your spa low, then consider adding the Corona discharge ozone water clarifier. 

It's clever stuff.  Ozone clarification works by bonding micro-sized contaminants together until they're big enough to be filtered out of your water.  If used alongside our high quality filters, the use of chemicals can be kept to a minimum.

100 square metre micro filter
100 square foot, 50 micro filter

A 100 sq. foot is big. So big, infact, that our high quality filters far exceed the industry standard, meaning that you get more filter surface area for the water to pass though.  This, of course, means that the water is filtered more efficiently, for longer.

The pleated filter system removes dirt, grit, oil and other contaminants from your spa’s water, helping keep it crystal clear.

whisper quiet circulation pump

The whisper quite circulation pump is standard in all Arcadia Spas. This allows you to use the spa in silence, whilst the spas heating and filtrations systems are still working.

If you want to have a stealth spa late at night, of your spa is situated near a bedroom window, then you can rest assured the spa will be lovely and quiet! 

Spa Range



from $8,499
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from $8,499
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from $9,999
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Elysian HP

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